Play Avakin tomorrow.

Express your true self.

Create and customise your 3D avatar any way you like with clothes, hair, makeup & accessories. Be yourself, or be someone totally new.

Meet your new BFFs.

Chat to millions of fellow Avakins from all over the world. Find the people who just get you. Make new friends to share everything with!

Explore a vibrant world.

Travel to stunning cities, beaches & mansions. Attend the hottest events in pulsing clubs… or escape to breathtaking tropical islands.

The Avakin story so far.


Avakin is born.

We release an online 3D virtual world for mobile and PC called Avakin Life. It’s immediately more popular than we ever dreamed, and our community explodes overnight!


500,000 players a day.

Less than 5 years later we reach 500,000 Daily Active Users. That means half a million people are playing Avakin each and every day to hang with friends and own their style.


100,000 YouTube subs.

We get a shiny silver plaque from YouTube to commemorate reaching 100,000 wonderful subscribers!


Our new forum launches.

As our community grows, we move from our old forums to a fresh new Reddit forum. Now we can listen to and connect with our incredible players better than ever before.


TIGA Game of the Year.

We’re unbelievably proud when Avakin wins TIGA Game of the Year 2018, as voted by the players. We continue adding more features and content, and the game just gets better.


1,000,000 players a day.

More and more players join Avakin… now we have over 1,000,000 Daily Active Users who are part of our world!


100 million accounts.

A phenomenal milestone is reached as we hit 100,000,000 Avakin accounts. Over 6 million people and counting play our game every month. What will the future bring…?

About Community Mask

Be part of our community.

Featured creators.


Celestia is a hugely talented artist who creates stunning Avakin-inspired images and videos.

Coelette Love

Coelette is an Avakin presenter and YouTuber who loves meeting fellow players, gaming and cats.



Karoline is an incredible digital artist who kickstarted the image editing craze in our community.


MJ is a multi-talented YouTuber who loves to share her fashion styles, edits and interior designs.


Wolf is an artist and gamer whose spreads her positive creative influence through art and videos.

Our affiliate partner brands

22,000+ designer items in the freshest styles.

Community team.










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