Avakin Life: Patch 1.4.0 – "The Big Splash"

Good News Everyone!
Hi Avakins
Our next update will start going out to Android users over the weekend with Amazon users next week and finally iOS users the following week.
This is our BIGGEST and most exciting update so far with multiple changes and new features, Some of which have been suggested by the Avakin community!
We hope your Avakin experience is more enjoyable than ever, as we proudly present to you…
Avakin Life : Patch 1.4.0 – “The big splash”
Major changes
New UI Style
We hope you enjoy our new look, streamlined interface. Avakin is ever evolving and we strive to make it as user friendly as possible. Feedback is always welcome so we can make THE App you love to use 🙂
Interact System
Environment interactions have been simplified! Move within range of interactive items, seating, Petkins etc and the new interact system will appear with all available features at your fingertips.
This replaces the old Press-And-Hold mechanic and we believe makes Avakin an easier world to navigate.
New features
XP and levelling
Earn XP throughout Avakin by performing many different actions; Socialise, make friends, travel, rate apartments, keep your pets in good health…!
New levels earn rewards, special unlocks in the shop, and prestige amongst your friends!
We know you love to share your experiences and record those awesome moments, so we have updated the in-game camera system to aid you capturing the perfect shots. Click the camera button on the side panel within a scene and enjoy the new photomode!
Username change
You’ve asked and we’ve provided. Go to your Profile page and click on your username to be taken to the username change page!
What’s a pool for without being able to swim? Now, whenever you enter deep water your Avakin will enjoy a good swim.
New message and friend tools
Is your inbox getting full? Did you add 500 too many friends? Well now you can group select and clean up your lists with ease thanks to a handy update to the message and friends system.
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