Chambers are LIVE NOW in The Venue! 

Girl power! Chambers are a noisy two-piece rock band playing live in The Venue right now. They describe themselves as ‘Sister Doom’, a totally unique genre combining heavy, raw energy with feminine vibes. If you’re looking for a completely different music experience, you’ve found it.
You can catch the intense sound of Chambers in The Venue for a whole week until the 18th of May. We don’t think you’ll ever find a duo quite like them — so don’t miss your chance!
Here’s what those in the know are saying about this electrifying band:
“Chambers are a really special, hard hitting, unforgiving duo.” — Robert Bruce, BBC Radio 1
“Despite them only being a two piece, they fill every frequency on the spectrum in a spectacular musical onslaught which leaves you wanting more as soon as they leave the stage. They are an excellent example to girls everywhere.” — Girls that Gig
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