Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Avakin Community!

We hope you have an excellent time in the Avakin Life universe. To make sure everyone’s having fun and stays safe, we’ve put together these guidelines to outline what is and isn’t acceptable behavior on this site and in Avakin Life.

No Bullying. No Harassment.

Respect your fellow Avakins.

Never do anything that infringes the rights of another person on our forum, our social media pages or in Avakin Life. Any behavior designed to intimidate, shame, bully, insult, harass, troll, flame, cause upset or shock to another person is not allowed. This also includes “Naming and Shaming” or starting campaigns to get other users punished. If you feel that a discussion is getting heated, step away and relax for 30 minutes before responding – it’ll help you clear your head! Begging for gifts also comes under harassment, so please do not do this.

Privacy = Safety

Never reveal personal information. Whether it belongs to you or another person, revealing personal information online can have serious consequences. On social media platforms you may want to use your real name, but please be careful when taking conversations outside of Avakin Life.  If you can, try and only communicate with fellow Avakins inside the app (if possible). The following details should always be kept private:

·        Any login information

·        Any social media profiles, including your friends’

·        Your full name, age and date of birth

·        Any personal addresses, phone numbers and email address

Be super careful. If you give any of the above to someone else, even if they are attempting to trick you, this will be considered account sharing which is against our rules.

For more on staying safe while playing, check out our Player Safety page.

Don’t SPAM!

Repetitive, pointless or annoying messages can upset the Community experience for other users and make our moderators cross. Always use your common sense. SPAM includes flooding, hijacking, chain letters, pyramid schemes, advertisements and creating duplicate messages.

Important: No Adult-Oriented Behavior

Do not post, create or engage in sexual discussions. Avakin Life is a social environment and we understand that relationships can develop quickly. However, we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone who players and is part of our community feels comfortable. Never engage in any sort of sexual conversation or create any content of a sexual nature. Breaches of this rule will be dealt with very seriously, keep it clean!

Respect The Law

Don’t do anything illegal or discuss anything that is illegal. The laws of your country always apply to your behavior on the internet, and our community channels are no exception. Don’t do anything that condones, supports, depicts or recommends illegal activities. These activities include but are not limited to;

  • Mods or hacks, or any 3rd party software or hardware that interferes or changes the normal live game.
  • Drugs or any illegal substances
  • Fraud

Age Play Strictly Prohibited

You should never reveal your real age when playing Avakin Life. But, if you are caught pretending to be younger than you actually are, you may be banned. Also, if we have reason to believe you are underage, your account will be immediately banned and terminated after 5 days.

Say “No” to Fraud, Mods and Scams

Never take advantage of Avakin Life bugs or glitches in a harmful way – both to Avakin Life and fellow Avakin – or in ways that are fraudulent. If you see an issue with Avakin Life, report it to us straight away. Do not use any issues as workarounds to bypass our policies and guidelines. You must not alter the .apk in any way. Do not falsify documents when in contact with our support team. If you are caught attempting to scam or phish anyone you will be banned.

Impressions Are Not Allowed

Our universe is a safe space to role-play as different characters and personas, but never pretend to be someone other than who you are. That means not role-playing as someone of a different age to yourself, or pretending to be a Lockwood staff member or anyone else that works at Lockwood. Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban. Pretending to be someone else in a malicious way will also result in a permanent ban.

Your Account Is Yours and Only Yours

Account sharing is against the rules. You cannot sell/trade or otherwise transfer ownership of an account to anyone else.

*All of our game rules apply to our website, forums, social media platforms and any application developed by Lockwood Publishing. For a full breakdown of our rules and the guidelines that support Avakin Life, please review our Terms of Service.

Need more information on how to stay safe online? Check out these excellent resources:

  • Ask About Games – A website with everything you need to know about video games!
  • WebWise – An online course provided by the BBC to help you stay safe online.
  • ThinkUKnow – A website created by UK police for parents, with information and tools to help teach children about online safety.

Sharing UGC on Social Media

Lockwood Publishing Ltd reserves its right to share users’ posts on Social Media that are posted using Avakin-related hashtags and follow the guidelines detailed on this page.

By using Avakin-related hashtags on Social Media, you consent to giving Lockwood Publishing a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide license for commercial purpose to use any or all Avakin-related elements (including pictures, screenshots and videos) posted on your personal pages.

As such, Lockwood Publishing will have the unlimited right to copy, reproduce, fix, modify, adapt, translate, reformat, publicly display, publicly perform or otherwise transmit your work.

By using the Avakin-related hashtags on Social Media you agree to allow Lockwood Publishing Ltd to repost your posts on any of its Social Media platforms, without limitations in time or location.