The Dandylions are LIVE NOW in The Venue!

If The Dandylions left you wanting more from their Venue performance last year, then you are in for a treat, as they’re giving us a second helping of their energetic explosion of glam rock!
The DandyLions, from the midlands (UK) are one of the freshest faces in the modern Glam Rock scene. This band deliver catchy songs while embellished in striking pinks and yellows, offering more than just a performance, they deliver an experience!
What are you waiting for? Get down to The Venue now for a bright-pink-and-yellow-latex fuelled night rocking out to tracks from The Dandylions brand new album, Less Is More (Leave Them Wanting Less) in The Venue, now!
“The DandyLions is purely feel good rock” –
“With a love for pink and yellow, the glam rockers make sounds reminiscent of the 70s with even the wrestling masks to go with it (pink and yellow, of course).”- Nusic
“just photographed the most bizarre band I’ve ever seen and accidentally fell in love with them a lil bit.” – Jordan Lee (Photographer)
“Check out our mates The DandyLions! They put on a brilliant live show and their songs are really catchy” – Desensitised (Band)