Forever In The Making are LIVE in The Venue!

Forever In The Making are a female-fronted metalcore band and they’re playing live in The Venue. Their sound isn’t just full of ferocious metal noise: listen out for smooth melodies and catchy hooks too. Go hear the completely new vibes they bring to their genre, and get ready to headbang!
You can catch the atmospheric sound of Forever In The Making in The Venue for a whole week from the 24th to the 31st of July. Have a listen before they go for a totally unique musical experience!
Here’s what those in the know are saying about this explosive band:
“For a metalcore band, Forever In The Making is not what you would expect. Danie Baugh’s vocals are some of the best in the industry in my opinion, she’s got that smooth, melodic style complete with the attitude needed for metalcore. The guitar work is intricate and catchy. Even if you’re not really a fan of metal or metalcore, this is something that will still appeal to you.” — Elizabeth Birt, AltCorner
“Four guys, one gal, one hell of a lot of noise. They’ve got expert guitar-shredding, energetic frontwoman sass and some amazing hair.” — Nusic