Halloween Mic Test 2022 Contest


Halloween Mic Test 2022 Contest 

Halloween is here! It’s time to test your voice acting skills with this new TikTok contest.

Create a video or duet our video and add your own voiceover delivering the script provided. Share your videos on TikTok using #AvakinLife and #HalloweenMicTest2022 and you could win one of sixteen prizes:

First Tier: Three (3) winners will receive:
2,000 Crowns
100,000 Avacoins
1 x Gold Creativity Badge

Second Tier: Five (5) winners will each receive:
1,000 Crowns
75,000 Avacoins
1 x Silver Creativity Badge

Third Tier: Eight (8) Winners will each receive:
500 Crowns
50,000 Avacoins
1 x Bronze Creativity Badge

The Script

Here’s the script! Read this out on your video, or duet of our video.
“Well, well… <giggle>
I too shall bestow a gift on your daughter.
Listen well all of you! The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, loved by all who meet her.
But, before the sun sets on her 19th birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a death-like sleep. A sleep from which she will never awaken!
The princess can be woken from her death sleep, but only by… true love’s kiss. This curse will last till the end of time! No power on Earth can change it.”


Your entry must be your own original work, including your own Avakins. Be sure to get permission from any friends you collaborate with if you feature their Avakins.
You must not use ANY copyrighted images or video.
Do not include any 3rd party logos, trademarks, or commercial or advertising content.
Do not include images of any famous characters or celebrities.
Do not include any offensive material.
Do not defame any 3rd party.
Enter as many times as you want!
Entries must be submitted by 11:59 BST on Sunday, October 9.

Please make sure you check our Terms and Conditions.