How to Turn Off Ads FOREVER in Avakin Life!

You love hanging with your friends, creating fresh new looks and decorating your apartment… that’s what makes Avakin Life great!
But do you get frustrated by ads popping up while you’re playing?
Yes, we know ads can be annoying! We have to make money so we can keep creating awesome new content and exciting events for you all to enjoy, which is why there are some ads in Avakin Life.
But the good news is: you can get rid of all these ads FOREVER!
All you have to do is buy any in-game coin pack!
Depending on the pack you choose, you’ll get Avacoins, gems, and maybe even free items. Buy just ONE of these and you’ll never see an ad in Avakin Life ever again! (Apart from Tapjoy ads, which you can choose to watch whenever you want to earn free Avacoins).
But that’s not all! There are even more benefits to buying a coin pack…

  • You’ll get all the Avacoins, gems and items from your chosen pack
  • You’ll gain access to more bundles of exciting items and apartments
  • You’ll be able to gift other Avakins without having to reach Level 6 first
  • You’ll help support us as we make Avakin Life better and better!
  • And of course, NO MORE ADS!

Which coin pack should I buy?

There are a few different coin packs in Avakin Life. Which one should you get?
Well, if this is your first time buying a coin pack, your choice is easy! 🙂
The BEST deal you can get for your money is the New User Special Offer (it’s the one with the picture of a boat on it). This is a super special pack only available to players that haven’t bought an in-game coin pack before. In it you’ll receive an incredible 9,000 Avacoins, 100 Gems and 30 FREE ITEMS!
You’ll get:

  • The Dream Cruiser yacht (worth 4,999 Avacoins by itself!)
  • A collection of stunning clothing and hairstyles
  • A selection of luxurious furniture
  • Four effortlessly classy poses

To buy the New User Special Offer, just tap your current balance of Avacoins and Gems at the far left of the top menu. You’ll be taken to a list of all our coin packs. Tap the New User Special Offer, with the picture of a yacht on it, and the purchase will be started.
It’s that easy!
Buy just one coin pack and you’ll get 9,000 extra Avacoins, 100 bonus Gems and 30 awesome new items. And you can play Avakin Life as long as you want without EVER seeing an ad again!