Patch 1.6.5 – Get Gifts, Get Inked

Hi Avakins!
The next update will soon be available across all platforms.
We have some exciting new features for you as well as a few technical improvements and a HUGE feature you have been requesting for a while!
You can expect to see the update over the next few weeks!
Stand in awe as the Avakin Team proudly present…
Avakin Life : Patch 1.6.5 – Get Gifts, Get Inked!
-14 Days of Rewards
As a special reward for the first 14 days you log into Avakin Life you will receive a FREE gift.
These will be a combination of clothing items, furniture, pets, animations for your Avakins, and even brand new apartments!
Some days you will receive a choice of gift so be sure to select the one you want as this will be your only time to get one of these exclusive items.
Because we value all players new and existing, every member will receive this exciting new campaign.
We hope you enjoy all of these brilliant new items.
Ink your Avakin with our new selection of body art. Add maybe just one, or go all out and cover your entire body with them!
-Inter Avakin Push Notifications
Stay up to date with all the goings on in Avakin while you’re away with a new message system. If your friends send you messages while you are offline you will receive a push notification telling you about the message, new friend requests, or gifts you’ve been sent.
We understand these are not always welcome by everyone and can be disabled in the Settings under Push Notifications.
We hope for most people this will help you keep in touch with all of your new found friends.
-Rearranged Menu Buttons
To help streamline the Avakin experience and to help make it much easier for you to navigate the app we have rearranged the buttons on the top bar, and the side bar in scenes.
Along the top you will now find:
–Your username, with your current level and coin balances. Clicking this area will take you to the coin store where you can get more coins.
–Avakin Life Page. This is your one stop location for all of your personal Avakin Life. Detailed further in the next section.
–Messages. A quick link to your mail box.n* Shop. Easy access to the shop where you can view all of the amazing items on sale.
–Travel. Get around all of the exciting locations in Avakin Life with ease.
–Edit Avakin. Change, customise or create brand new Avakins.
–Settings. We’ve combined all of the apps settings into one useful section.
–Time. Keep track of the time with the handy clock. Remember to tap it to see your local time.
-Avakin Life Page
To help keep your Avakin Life in check more easily we have combined all of your information into one handy page.
In here you will find your Profile, where you can change your username, set your relationship status and other useful information for helping you find like-minded Avakins much more easily, and various other tidbits of information about yourself
Your friends list is now located here, as well as your message, objectives, and Build Machines.
-Settings Page
The new combined settings page located on the top bar now contains all the settings options from the app in one handy location. From here you can change your language, turn on or off various game features like seating nodes or streaming music, link your account to Facebook or other networks, which we advise to do to make sure your account is never lost and to speed up logging in. You can update your email address to make sure it’s always valid. The new Push Notification section lets you specify which push notifications you would like the game to send you.
And finally you can view the list of all the great people who helped make this app what it is today.
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