Super Furniture are LIVE NOW in The Venue!

Super Furniture are an indie rock band that burst onto the scene in 2015 when they won the Future Sound of Nottingham music competition. They’ve got an ultra-confident sound that’s harmonious yet rocking, and they’re playing in The Venue right now. Prepare yourself for toe-tapping beats, raw guitars and driving drums.
You can catch the infectious energy of Super Furniture in The Venue for a whole week until the 3rd of July. See them here first before they explode into superstardom!
Here’s what those in the know are saying about this impressively punchy band:
“One of the most captivating, expressive bands I have witnessed. Definitely one of my favourites!” — Darren Blair, Music Business Management
“With sprinklings of indie, math rock, and some pop sensibility too. For a band that have only just released their debut single, they sound tight. And wait until you see them rock out – they do it like pros. For fans of: a good headbang!” — LeftLion
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