• Light up
    The Voice of Avakin Stage!

    New experience added to The Voice of Avakin. Step into the spotlight and watch the crowd go WILD. Or sit down in a Coach’s Chair and smash your red button for performers!

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  • Annoucing our
    Celebrity Coach...

    It's Sam Fischer! The TikTok music sensation will be giving out helpful tips and advice. Share your voice with him on TikTok using #TheVoiceOfAvakin.

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  • Live The Voice in the ultimate
    role-play experience

    Go on an exciting journey with Avakin Life and The Voice. Share your talent with millions of people or create backstage moments with the rest of the community - the choice is yours.

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  • Live The Voice in the ultimate
    role-play experience

    Go on an exciting journey with Avakin Life and The Voice. Share your talent with millions of people or create backstage moments with the rest of the community - the choice is yours.

    Start your journey

Choose Your Experience

Be the Star

Share your voice with the world and perform to millions.

Be the Community

Meet new friends and show your support on TikTok.

Be the Moment

Experience all the action and cheer on your favorite performers.

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How to Enter

The Voice of Avakin is a free experience. Make sure you download Avakin Life and TikTok – you’ll need both to start your journey. Then just follow these simple steps:

#1 Create

Jump into Avakin Life, create your Avakin and style your stage look from over 30,000 items.

#2 Record

Head to The Voice Casting Room and film your performance! Don’t forget to dance…

#3 Share

Upload your video to TikTok, search for “Avakin” under ‘Sounds’ and record your voice-over – add #TheVoiceOfAvakin to be seen!

Start your journey

Watch & Learn

Want to take part in The Voice of Avakin experience? Check out this helpful video put together by the one and only @daleversace! It will walk you through each step and put you on the fast track to success.

We can’t wait to hear YOUR voice.

Discover The Voice of Avakin

Avakin Life and The Voice have joined forces to bring the award-winning show into the virtual realm. Create your Avakin then hit the stage and perform for millions of people on TikTok, or watch backstage content and make new friends!

Step into the shoes of your favorite coach and hit the iconic red button for the best performers. PLUS – light up the stage and record your own not-to-be-missed performance.

Experience The Voice like never before with Avakin Life or search #TheVoiceOfAvakin on TikTok for must-see performances.

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Avakin Life is a virtual world without limits. One where you can be anything and anyone – no judgements and no barriers. Connect with 200 million imaginations. Go on adventures with new friends. Create looks from 30,000 items and accessories. Explore every dimension of you! Sounds pretty cool - right?!

The Voice of Avakin Life combines the iconic TV show with Avakin Life’s incredible virtual world. Instead of watching, you can FULLY experience The Voice for yourself on this unique journey. Upload your performances to TikTok directly from Avakin Life and find other voices with #TheVoiceOfAvakin.

You’ll only need a TikTok account if you want to share your voice on TikTok with the world. If exploring behind the scenes is more your vibe, you’ll just need an Avakin Life account.

Absolutely. Avakin Life and TikTok are both free to download and you can create your perfect routine straight away.

If you decide to share your voice, the best performers will be promoted on TikTok AND we’ll share selected videos in Avakin Life. Start practising your autograph, superstar!

You must be 18 or over to experience The Voice of Avakin to the fullest. That way we can share your TikTok moments with the world. If you’re aged between 13 and 18, you must get consent from a parent or legal guardian if you want your TikToks to be shown in Avakin. Avakin Life is only available for those aged 13 or over and our Community will contact anyone whose TikToks are chosen to be featured in-game or at special moments. It could be you!

Recording your voice is an individual experience, as we want to showcase YOUR talent. But make sure you tell your friends to download Avakin Life so you can hang out backstage together and like each other’s TikToks!

Nope! You can create multiple videos to multiple songs - go WILD!

The Voice of Avakin experience is available worldwide, excluding residents of the following countries: People's Republic of China, The Netherlands, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, India and Pakistan.

Your TikTok videos can be up to 30 seconds long. If you want to make shorter videos, just make sure you show your voice to its fullest. Hit those high notes!

Make sure you’ve uploaded your video to TikTok and record your voice-over. Then share it using #AvakinLife or we won’t be able to see it! After that, you’re free to do whatever you want. Explore Avakin Life, record another video or browse through other submissions. There’ll be more experiences revealed over the coming month - watch this space - plus plenty of events to enjoy on Avakin Life.

1. Record your TikTok video on Avakin Life then ‘Upload to TikTok’ when prompted.
2. On the TikTok editing screen, tap the ‘Voiceover’ button in the corner, indicated by a microphone icon to start singing.
3. To sync your voice with your Avakin track, tap ‘Sounds’ and search for “Avakin” to bring up the tracklist. Then tap the ‘Record’ button to begin.
4. When you’ve finished recording and editing your voiceover, you can adjust the volume using the ‘Volume’ tool (located in the same dropdown menu as the ‘Voiceover’ tool).
5. Remember to add #TheVoiceOfAvakin to have your video seen by the Avakin Community and the world!

They’ll be arriving soon (we can’t wait either), so keep checking back!

You can choose from any of these INCREDIBLE tracks!
• Tom Grennan - Little Bit Of Love
• Sam Fischer - This City
• Jake Bugg - All I Need
• Mimi Webb - Good Without
• Sigala ft Paloma - Lullaby
• Little Mix - Confetti
• Tom Walker - Leave A Light On
• The Script - I Want It All
• Rag N Bone Man - Human
• Shakira - Don’t Wait Up

The Voice of Avakin experience is available on most mobile devices. Just make sure your phone is Android 6.0 and above, and has at least 2GB of RAM. For iOS, those devices running iOS 11 or above can enjoy the full experience.

You’ll need to be running Avakin Life version 1.56 and above. Visit your app store to download the latest version just to be sure.