Win Big by Working Together to Find the Roleplay Characters!

It’s Roleplay Week, and we’ve got some exciting prizes to help you get into character. Every day this week you can find a different roleplaying character hanging out in a social spot across Avakin Life. Each friendly roleplayer will reward you with a prize if you manage to track them down. Speak to all seven to collect your seven prizes!
But that’s not all. Work together like the amazing community you are to win bonus prizes! If enough of you collect prizes from the roleplaying characters, you’ll all receive extra special rewards. So spread the word and remind your friends to get involved every day!
• Community collects 250,000 prizes — Show Horse Statue
• Community collects 500,000 prizes — Regal Rose Throne (Rose Gold)
• Community collects 1,000,000 prizes — Exclusive Police Car
• Community collects 2,000,000 prizes — Mystery Prize!
Have fun Avakins!