Who here loves the Starstyle theme? If you’ve spent a few crazy nights dancing in Starstyle Bar, that infectious tune is bound to have a firm place in your heart. The talented musician responsible for that and even more exhilarating, addictive and danceable beats is in The Venue right now!

These entrancing beats from ALXNDR will take you from the solid ground of the dance floor and up into the expansive, star-filled, beat driven, outer reaches of the galaxy. ALXNDR is one of the greatest producers of progressive electronic music in the UK, and is famed for his incredible work on the soundtrack of Avakin Life.

Don’t miss your chance to experience these out-of-this-world dance beats for a solid week at The Venue until the 13th of October.

And support ALXNDR by checking out his music on Bandcamp: