VIP Club Membership

VIP Bronze

  • Ad-free experience
  • 2500 Avacoins
  • VIP Lounge Access
  • VIP Club Bronze Badge
  • VIP Shop Access
  • VIP Exclusive items
  • VIP XP Boost

VIP Silver

  • Ad-free experience
  • 3000 Avacoins + 50 Crowns
  • VIP Lounge Access
  • VIP Club Silver Badge
  • VIP Shop Access
  • 5% off Avacoin Items
  • 1 Exclusive Item
  • 25% XP Boost

VIP Gold

  • Ad-free experience
  • 4000 Avacoins + 100 Crowns
  • VIP Lounge Access
  • VIP Club Gold Badge
  • VIP Shop access
  • 5% off Avacoin Items
  • 2 Exclusive Items
  • 50% XP Boost

Want to join the club?

Simply log into Avakin Life and tap the ‘VIP’ section in the top menu. Choose your membership tier and tap ‘Subscribe.’ You’ll get your first month of benefits straight away, so you can start showing off your VIP exclusives.


VIP Club Members will receive exclusive items once a month. These items will not be available to non-members and will never be sold – so you can be confident that you're getting something special.

Every month, Silver Members will receive one exclusive item, and Gold Members will receive two.

You will receive both the Male and Female versions of any styles (if applicable).

Your exclusive items will be added to your account on the first Tuesday of every month - stick that date in your diary!

We’ll let you know a week before the items are released what the exclusives will be for that month, so you can start getting excited.

The exclusive items are the same for everybody. While you don’t get to choose, we’ve put a lot of effort into making them special and we hope you love them.

If the items aren’t your style, then you can always cancel your VIP Club Membership for that month and sign-up again after (however, you’ll lose your other benefits during this time).

As always, your feedback is important to us. If you don’t think we’re getting it right, please let us know your thoughts on the Avakin Life Subreddit – r/AvakinOfficial.

VIP Club Members won’t receive discounts on Offers.

The 5% discount that Silver and Gold Members get applies to every item in the Avacoins Shop, so you can get your dream wardrobe for less.

Items in the VIP Shop have been designed especially for VIP Club Members and can’t be gifted.

You can sign up to the VIP Club through the Avakin Life app. Tap the ‘VIP’ section in the top menu and choose your membership tier.

You’ll then be prompted to pay through the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on your device. Other stores aren’t supported at the moment, but we’ll let you know if that changes!

We love that you want to share the VIP Club with others, but you can only purchase a VIP Club Membership for your own account.

Any payment methods supported by the Google Play Store and the App Store can be used to purchase membership.

Billing information can be updated using the store you purchased your VIP Club Membership through.

VIP Club Membership renews monthly and at the moment there’s no option to buy more than one month at a time.

If you are changing to a device that uses a different store, e.g. from Google Play to the App Store, you should cancel your VIP Club Membership and sign up again through your new store account. There is currently no way to transfer membership to a different store account. Just remember that the VIP Club will only be available on the Google Play Store at first.

If your new device uses the same store account, you can simply sign in again and your VIP Club Membership will be unaffected.

It's super easy to upgrade and downgrade to a different membership tier. Just tap on the ‘VIP’ section in the top menu of Avakin Life and choose which tier you’d like to switch to – no need to cancel and resubscribe!

If you’re upgrading your membership, you’ll start receiving the extra benefits straight away – woohoo! However, the process looks a little different depending on the device you use.

Google Play Store Users: If you upgraded, you’d immediately receive the extra benefits and additional currency. The amount given is based on the difference between the two tiers. For example, if you upgraded halfway through from Silver to Bronze, you’d receive 500 extra Avacoins and 50 Crowns. You’d also be charged proportionally. When your billing period renewed, you’d be charged the full amount and receive full benefits.

App Store Users: If you upgraded, you’d be immediately refunded proportionally for any time remaining on your current membership tier. The proportional amount of currency would also be removed from your account. You would then be charged the full amount for the new tier, receive full benefits and would be given a new billing date, one month from that point. For example, if you upgraded from Bronze to Silver halfway through your billing period, you’d have 1250 Avacoins taken from your account, and then be given 3000 Avacoins and 50 Crowns.

If you’re downgrading your membership, you’ll still be able to use your full benefits until the end of your current billing period, giving you time to make the most of them.

f you decide being a VIP isn’t for you, you can cancel your membership through the store account you used to sign up.

If you used Google Play Store, more detail on how to do this can be found here:

If you used the App Store, more detail on how to do this can be found here:

You’ll lose access to your VIP benefits at the end of your current billing period. If you change your mind, you can re-join the VIP Club at any time!

Yes, you will keep any items you bought from the VIP Shop, even if you decide to stop being a VIP.

Yes, you will keep any exclusive items you’ve received while being part of the VIP Club.

The VIP Badges are for active members of the VIP Club. If you stop your VIP Membership you will keep the badge until the end of your current billing period and then it will be removed from your account.

Our amazing Player Support Team are on hand to answer any questions you still have about the VIP Club. To contact them, tap the ‘Settings’ section in the top menu in Avakin Life and they’ll be happy to help.