VIP Club Terms and Conditions

If you choose to purchase a VIP subscription, you will be bound by these terms and conditions as expressed herein that shall be applicable in conjunction with Avakin Life Terms of Service and with Avakin Life Privacy Policy

If any of the terms herein are contrary to the main Terms of Service, for the purpose of Subscriptions the terms herein shall prevail.

Lockwood Publishing reserves the right to amend these Terms of Service from time to time. Please check regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes.

Each subscription shall represent a contract between you and Lockwood Publishing through which you agree to pay monthly the VIP rates as below. You agree to pay all the applicable taxes and exchange fees.


1. Tier 1 – Bronze
Fee – $4.99
·  VIP lounge access
·  Exclusive Tier 1 VIP badge / Profile icon
·  Monthly 2500 Avacoins
·  VIP shop access

2. Tier 2 – Silver
Fee – $9.99
·  Exclusive Tier 2 VIP badge / Profile Icon
·  Monthly 3000 Avacoins
·  Monthly 50 Crowns
·  VIP shop access with 5% off for Avacoins Items
·  Exclusive 1 item
·  25% XP Boost

3. Tier 3 – Gold
Fee – $19.99
·  Monthly 4000 Avacoins
·  Monthly 100 Crowns
·  VIP lounge access
·  Exclusive Tier 3 VIP badge/ Profile Icon
·  VIP shop access with a price reduction of 5% off Avacoins items
·  Exclusive 2 items
·  50% Big XP Boost

Subscription payment method:

Any and all payments regarding subscriptions shall be done via Apple Store or Google Store.

Subscription amendment

Any Subscription can be amended in game by accessing the Subscription button which allows you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription.

Consequences of amending your subscription

If you decide to cancel the subscription within the now then current term, you will not be charged starting with the next month, though you will not receive any partial refund.

If you decide to downgrade the subscription tier, as above your benefits will decrease starting with the end of your then current subscription

If you decide to upgrade the subscription tier, as above your benefits will increase immediately the change is made.

Cancel Subscription

If you cancel your subscription you will have access until the end of your subscription period to any benefits acquired through the tier selected as in article 2 herein.

Upon termination of your subscription, your access to the VIP lounge will be revoked, your exclusive badge/ icon will be removed and your access to the VIP shop will be revoked.