Amazon Update 08/08/17

Hey Avakins

Unfortunately, the “Work It” update is not yet available for Amazon.

Sorry for the delay, we are just as eager to see the new features on Amazon as you are!

As you probably know, Avakin Life is available for iOS, Android, Amazon and Facebook Gameroom. Releasing an app on so many and different platforms can cause unexpected issues and challenges.

This is the case here. We’re currently addressing a few technical issues on Amazon and hope to have the update available for you shortly.

Our tech wizards and development gurus are working on it, but at the moment we do not know the date for the update to be released. We promise that it will come, but we do not know when.

If you happen to own a device running one of the other OS’ on which Avakin Life is available, you can of course play on that and enjoy the newest update.

Apart from that, there is not much you can do besides of waiting. We are aiming to release the update next week!

Thank you very much for playing Avakin Life and for bearing with us!

Adam, Jessie, Abbey and the Avakin Team.