Ask us anything during our Q&A!

Lockwood is going live on Stagehound and we’d like to invite all of you to join us!

We will be over at on the 18th of May at 3pm GMT (That’s 2pm Avakin Time and 8am Pacific Time) to answer any questions you have about Avakin Life or anything at all!

Lockwood staff from across all departments will be around to answer questions for at least an hour and we will be attempting to answer as many questions as possible. In case we can’t answer everything, we will be choosing the most common questions we feel are important to the community as well as the most interesting questions.

To ask some questions, you will need to create an account on but the asking process is super easy and fun.
We will be giving out some freebies during the event, so make sure you tune in!

Don’t forget to create an account on and join the Q&A event on the 18th of May and prepare some awesome questions for us!