Avakin Life New Update – New Chat, New Style!

Chat more, design more and play more with the New Chat, New Style Update. This update brings many new and exciting features which vastly improve the way you socialise and customise in Avakin Life!
Chat More!

New Chat System
Socialise with ease with the significantly improved chat system. The sleek new interface is now much easier to navigate and keep track of your private chats, public chat and group chat. Group chats can now be initiated by sitting at tables with other Avakins.

Colourful Chat Bubbles
Show your true colours by customising your chat bubbles with the new colour wheel. Simply tap your chat bubble, or your name, and chose your favourite colour.

Create Your Profile Picture
Tap the portrait button in Photo Mode to take a selfie and create a custom profile picture – you can even use a filter. This will appear on your profile and beside your chat bubble.
Edit Your Apartment with Ease!

Thumbstick Navigation!
Decorating your apartment just got a whole lot easier. With new thumbstick navigation, you can glide around your apartment, making it super easy to find the perfect placement for that sofa or vase.

Locate Your Furniture!
Have you ever found it difficult to locate that cute new bed? You can now find all your recently purchased furniture in, you guessed it, the Recently Purchased tab, or you can search for any key word or name of the item you are looking for with the new Search tab!

Lock Your Furniture in Place!
That pesky little lamp giving you trouble as you navigate around your apartment and accidentally select it? With the new locking feature, you can lock your furniture items in place. Press and hold any furniture item and tap the lock button on the left-hand side!

Customise Your Apartment Description!
When you have finished furnishing your masterpiece, customise the description of your space. Choose the name, write a few words and choose a category and sub category to let people know what your apartment is all about. Finally, take a Snapshot of your apartment to really set it apart from all the rest!

Play Faster!
Avakin Life is now better optimised and loads significantly faster. This is most noticeable when scrolling through the News Feed or Marketing Feed and when Avakins load into Social Spots or Apartments.

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