Avakin Life Update 1.9.0 – “Hey, Big Spender!”

Introducing the latest instalment of new features in Avakin Life!
The Lockwood Team proudly presents…

• New Main Menu Scene
The main menu scene your Avakin loads into and The Clothing Shop has been updated and completely transformed into a more trendy and bright store interior. Not only is this a more aesthetically pleasing room, it also lights your Avakin in more flattering light enabling you to see more detail and give a clearer impression of clothing items.
• Improved Furniture Preview
The furniture shop has been upgraded and enables you to view furniture items more clearly. You can now preview furniture in a glossy and beautiful new scene. Tapping on the screen will now bring up the floor grid allowing you to fully gauge the scale of items to help you visualise how they will fit into your home.
• Improved Loading Times
Every month hundreds of new clothing and furniture items are added to the game amassing an enormous database of items you need to download to play the game. Unfortunately, this caused an increase in loading times but this update sees the loading times cut right down and you can now get into the game faster than ever before!
• Bigger Coin Pack Options
You asked, we listened. Two new larger coin packs have been added to the game.
The “Hey, Big Spender” Update should really revolutionise the way you use the store. Improved furniture previews and better lighting gives you a better impression of each furniture and clothing item to help you decide on the perfect look for your Avakin and for your home!
We hope you enjoy the features added in this patch! Why not let us know what you think on the Avakin.com forums?

Avakin Life 1.9.0 – Will be available for Android devices from 27/06 and will be available on iOS and Amazon devices over the next few days.