It's Avakin Pirate Week!

Ye Better Talk Like a Pirate This Week or Walk the Plank!

Yo-ho-ho! September 19th be the international Talk Like a Pirate Day, but only a sorry landlubber would stop at just a day, so, let’s set sail for a week of swashbuckling fun for our annual Talk Like a Pirate week!

Earn ye sea-legs by partaking in these seafarin’ events:

Arrr, Seas of Mirth be performin’ in The Venue
Expect a mad maritime mash-up at The Venue this week as Seas of Mirth will be bringing a mighty galleon of sound to the stage!

Show yer true swashbuckler side on Instagram
Only the most swashbuckling pirate deserves this prize, so share your most fearsome pirate pics to Instagram with the hashtag #AvakinPirates and you could win!

Dress like a true seadog!
Pirate clothing is now available in the Avakin Store. Make sure your outfit is ship shape with a new bandana or pirate hat.