Bug Update 22/12/2016

Hi Avakins,

We hope you are having a fantastic time playing Avakin Life so far this holiday season. The Avakin team have been working hard creating fun events like the Elf Hunt and the seasonal parties in the Venue as well as all the new releases we can see you have been enjoying!

However, there is a bug with the Build Machine which we are unable to fix before the end of the year as we are unable to update the app over the festive and new year period. As annoying as this sounds it isn’t actually that bad. We have a fix ready to go as soon as the stores open again in early January.

What happens with the bug is that the Build Machine will notify you that an item is ready for collection at the beginning of the final hour instead of the end of the final hour. If you wait until the hour is over you will be able to collect the item.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, we hope you have a wonderful festive weekend and enjoy the treats we have in store for you in the lead up to New Year.

Adam, Jess, Abbey and the Avakin Team