Build Your Own Gruesome Halloween Petkins!

Greetings, Avakins, it is I, the great Avakin witch! All Hallows’ Eve is upon us and the strong energies surrounding this month have granted me great power. Come and find me in The House of Eternal Curse and I may use my powers to help you create an evil Halloween Petkin!

The boundaries between your realm and the realm of the underworld have aligned, allowing the creatures of darkness to pass through and join in the festivities in Avakin Life throughout October. You will find these haunting monsters lurking around the spookiest Social Spots, they have the materials I need to create these dark Petkins, but they can be elusive. Find me in The House of Eternal Curse and I shall start you on your quest to collect these materials and help you to hunt down these mysterious beings!

Don’t delay, you have until the 3rd of November until the path to the underworld closes and we spooky monsters will leave Avakin Life!