Cupids Quest!

Do you fancy yourself as a matchmaker?

There is so much love in the air that Cupid needs your help!

Cupid is so swamped with work that she needs your help to spread the word of love around Avakin Life. You will need to meet Cupid at Liberty Plaza where she will give you a Love Letter to start the quest.

Once you have found the first lucky Valentine they will give you the next Love Letter to continue spreading the love! Don’t worry, if you ever get stuck just see Cupid again and she will get you back on track!

Once you have delivered all 7 love letters, make sure you return to Cupid! She will have a super sweet gift to say thank you for completing Cupid’s Quest.

You have from the 7th until the 28th of February to deliver all the love letters!

Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck!