Festival of Friendship 2017

Join in the Fun for Our Annual Festival of Friendship!

We’re spending a whole week, from the 5th of September, celebrating the most special part of Avakin Life: All of our amazing friendships!

There are those friends who have always been there for you, through thick and thin, for as long as you can remember, and there are those friends you’ve recently met, hit it off and had a blast with. It’s time to treasure and celebrate all of those friends during the Festival of Friendship!

So, get the squad together for a fun packed week of events including:

Win Prizes by Finding the Friendship Mascots!
Find Hartley or Bestie every day from the 5th to the 12th September to claim great prizes. Each gift will only be available for one day, so make sure you look for them every day of the week.

Win Avacoins in Friendship Mascot Selfie Contest!
Get all of your friends together for a photo with either Hartley or Bestie and post your pics to Instagram with the hashtag #FOFSelfie2017 for the chance to win. We’ll pick our favourite 5 photos and everyone captured in the shot will win a Hartley Statue in Gold and 5000 Avacoins!

Share the Fun with Matching Friendship Clothing in the Avakin Store!
If you want to show the world just how solid your friendship is with your bestie, then you need to get a pair of these super cute matching t-shirts!