Find the Ice Pop contest winners

Well done to everyone that took part in the ‪#‎AvakinIcePop‬ event.
If your name is listed below please email with your Facebook/Instagram name along with your Avakin username to claim your prize!
Stay tuned for more ‪#‎Avakin‬ contests and events!

Abby Avakin, avakinbeautious, avakinbeautious, avakinbri, Avakin Jay-r, Avakin Maple, ava_adi178, AX AX, Esther Middag, Eujeny Vanhurs, Flash Knight, Jhadbo Ava, Joelle Lussiez, Joshua Fontanilla Catuday, Juxta Cide, kahiylayoung, kaitykaitkaitkait, Kelly James, King Gx, Leopard Lust, Lindsey Dorst, Meera Imeer, melih.seymaa, Sasha Price, Soureex Avakin, Tamara Blessing, thejobbiebeau, Yong Yong, _yowchie_