Give Red Envelopes this Chinese New Year for FREE GIFTS!

Start by heading to the Shi Yong Chinese Gardens, where mighty lion Shi Yong awaits you. This Chinese New Year he needs you to help spread joy by handing out red envelopes! Listen to his clues to find 6 people celebrating in different locations across Avakin Life. If you give them a red envelope they will each give you a gift!

Shi Yong will give you 3 red envelopes the first day you meet him, and one more on each day you return to him. There may also be hidden ways to get red envelopes from him faster… Once you’ve handed out all 6 red envelopes, return to Shi Yong for a final wonderful reward.

Give red envelopes to those celebrating Chinese New Year for FREE GIFTS from the 24th to the 31st of January!