The Halloween Cup 2016!

Are you ready for our spookiest Quiz of the year?

There is something lurking just out of sight, waiting for unsuspecting Avakins to be pulled into its clutches and forced to answer spine-chilling trivia questions… It’s the Halloween Cup!

The Halloween Cup is a series of spooky quizzes you can participate in on Twitter. Whoever answers the most correct answers will win the one of a kind Halloween Cup trophy!

There is also the potential to rack up a lot of Avacoins as each correct answer will bag you 1000 Avacoins! Providing you are the first to answer correctly of course!

Join in on Twitter where weekly Halloween themed quizzes will be hosted at the following times:

3pm BST/10am EDT 6th October: Mythical Creatures

3pm BST/10am EDT 13th October: Horror Movies

3pm BST/10am EDT 20th October: Vampires

3pm BST/10am EDT 27th October: Horror Video Games