New Update – Work It!

Hey Avakins, this update is a big one! You’ve been asking for this feature a lot and we have listened. So, get ready because it’s time to get your devices fully charged and prepared to get to work in Avakin Life!

Earn Avabucks with New Jobs!

Take on the role of a skilled barista serving up delicious coffee and freshly baked goods to hungry Avakins. Drop into the special version of the 23rd Street Cafe and put your name on the Rota to get to work! You will even earn Avabucks – which can be converted into Avacoins!

Level Up to 45!

Already reached level 42? Obviously, you’re going places. Show the world your skills in fashion and socialising as you strive on forward to level 45!

Avakin Life is Now More Secure with Fewer Bugs!

As always, we’ve worked to fix bugs and increase security so that you can enjoy an overall safer environment.

So, log into Avakin Life and get to work earning those Avabucks! And then, after all that hard work, play the role of the customer and sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and some delicious cake, after all, you’ve earned it.
This update is just the beginning of the amazing things coming to Avakin Life, so watch out for our next exciting update!

We love to hear your thoughts, post a comment below or log onto the forums to discuss this awesome update at