Avakin Update – Musical Revolution!

Get your phones charged and your Avakins ready because a wealth of super exciting new features for Avakin Life have just been released in our latest patch.
The Lockwood Team proudly presents….

The hard work of all of the Lockwood team has culminated in a patch which will revolutionise the way you express yourself in the game. Express your unique style by customising music streamed in your apartments with SHOUTcast radio and express your emotions with new facial expressions!

SHOUTcast Radio

One of the most requested features from our community has been the ability to play your own music in your apartments and thanks to the new SHOUTcast radios you now can. There are over a thousand radio stations available on SHOUTcast, so whether you like to rock out or bop along to pop music, you now have the ability to customise the music in your private spaces!
Express Your Mood
With the new Facial Expressions button, located on the left-drawer widget of the Starting Screen as well as in Photo Mode, not only will you be able to express yourself through animations and words, but also with your facial expressions. Let your friends know whether you are feeling sad or seductive with your facial expression!

Chinese and Indonesian Languages Available
Avakin Life now supports Indonesian and Chinese languages. If you would prefer to view the game in either of these languages you can toggle this by going into the settings and tapping the Language option under the General tab.
Daily Rewards
New users to Avakin Life will be welcomed to the game with five days of Avacoin rewards.
Facebook Native Adverts
You will now find non-intrusive adverts relevant to you in the Marketing Feed and on TV screens in game.
We hope you enjoy these awesome new features for Avakin Life so make sure you set your mood to ‘excited’ and have a wild night of dancing to your favourite tunes!
What is SHOUTcast?
SHOUTcast is a free internet radio streaming service with thousands of stations you can enjoy. With dozens of different genres and station themes, you can be sure to find something you and your friends can enjoy.
How do I use SHOUTcast?
You will need The SHOUTcast Radio purchasable from the shop. After placing the radio, tap on it and the interactive menu comes up, which brings up the radio interface.
You will see the buttons you will normally see on a radio such as volume. The tune in button is where you can find and play your favourite stations.

My friend can get a SHOUTcast station but i can’t, why is this?
There can be limitations to which stations you can listen to depending on which country you’re in, this also means you will not be able to listen to a blocked station if someone else is streaming it.
How much control do my guests have over my SHOUTcast Radio?
Your guests cannot adjust the radio station inside your apartment. However they are able to adjust the volume and turn the radio on and off to enhance their personal experience. Any adjustments they make will only affect them and not the apartment owner or the other guests.
I noticed SHOUTcast is a streaming service. Will this affect my mobile data plan?
Mobile streaming uses a lot of data. Therefore we highly recommend you connect using WiFi as opposed to your mobile data plan as it may result in additional charges by your mobile provider. In most cases WiFi is the more reliable connection.
What are visualiser mats?
Special visualiser mats which react to the music in the scene. You can place 4 per area. The first placement will take up some furniture space, however the following 3 will be free.
Why can’t we use SHOUTcast with older CD stereos?
Because these are special interactive objects, whereas the older stereos do not have this function. Think of it like upgrading to an mp3 player from a CD player.
What happens when I edit my scene if music is playing on my SHOUTcast Radio?
When furniture is re-arranged the scene gets reset. The music will stop and your friends will be removed from the scene.