Photo Contest – #AvakinShadowfall

Photo Contest – #AvakinShadowfall
What really did happen to Lady Shadowfall? The mysteries of Shadowfall Manor are whispered across the region, with many Avakins too afraid to enter the lonely yards and crumbling halls of what used to be the most vibrant and bustling manor in Devonshire.
Once famed for its lavish parties, its room’s always overflowing with guests, Shadowfall Manor crumbled into ruin after the demise of Lady Shadowfall, but many brave Avakins have brought the Manor back to its former glory with the introduction of the spooky nightclub. Dance the night away in this gruesome setting, if you dare!
Are you brave enough to party at Shadowfall Manor? Share your pics with us on Instagram with the hashtag #AvakinShadowFall and tag @AvakinOfficial for the chance to win 3000 Avacoins!
• Entries must be posted to Instagram with the hashtag #AvakinShadowfall and tag @AvakinOfficial
• You can use image editing software if you choose to.
• All submissions must be photos taken at Shadowfall Manor.
All entries must be submitted by 31st of October.
Have fun!