Photo contest – #AvakinThanksgiving

It’s that time of year of year again! Tables brimming with food, fires burning in the hearth and warm, cosy nights in while golden leaves tumble by your window – its thanksgiving!

Why not invite your closest and most cherished friends over for a thanksgiving dinner? Bake a pumpkin pie, serve up a mouth-watering home cooked meal and show them how thankful you are for their friendship!

Share your photos of you celebrating thanksgiving or create an image representing thanksgiving and one winner will receive 3000 Avacoins!

• Entries must be posted to Instagram with the hashtag #AvakinThanksgiving and tag @AvakinOfficial
• You can use image editing software if you choose to.
• All submissions must feature the ‘Thanksgiving’ theme.

All entries must be submitted by 6th of December.

Have fun!