The Werewolf is on the Prowl in the Haunted Maze!

There have been reports of a large creature, with glowing amber eyes, elongated, claw-like hands and a hulking, fur covered body lurking in the Haunted Maze. We are warning all Avakins to be constantly vigilant and if they see this terrifying monster they must… share a selfie with it on Instagram!

Post your werewolf selfie with the hashtag #AvakinWerewolf and tag @AvakinOfficial on Instagram for the chance to win and 10 Lucky winners will receive 5000 coins!
You can hunt the werewolf from the 18th of October until the 1st of November.

Scare your friends with your own werewolf costume by collecting the Werewolf Hands and Werewolf Legs in the Haunted Maze and purchasing your own Werewolf Head from the Avakin Store!