Win 10,000 Avacoins!

Create the best meme using the meme creation tool in Photo Mode for the chance to win 10,000 Avacoins!

Are you a master in the art of memes? Do your days mostly consist of attaching the wittiest captions to hilarious images? However you appreciate the internet’s favourite type of humour, we want to see your most side-splitting meme creations in Avakin Life!

Share your memes on Instagram with the hashtags #PlayAvakin and #AvakinMeme and, we’ll choose the five memes that make us laugh the most as the winners who will each receive 10,000 Avacoins!

It’s super easy to create a meme in Avakin Life. Firstly, take a shot of yourself, some Avakins or whatever you like in Photo Mode, then use the Text option on the left-hand side to select “meme” and edit the top and bottom text – you’ll be an internet celebrity in no time!