Win 3000 Avacoins! 

Decided on your New Year’s Resolution yet? It’s not too late to start the first step along that path to a new you, whether you’re looking to get fit and active, learn a new hobby, make new friends or even follow your lifelong ambition!
Create a picture using Avakin Life to illustrate your New Year’s Resolution and share it with us on Instagram with the hashtag #AvakinNYResolution2018 and you could be the lucky winner of 3000 Avacoins!
• Entries must be posted to Instagram with the hashtag #AvakinNYResolution2018 and tag @AvakinOfficial
• You can use image editing software if you choose to.
• Do not use the multi-image feature, only post one image per post.
• You can enter multiple images in separate posts as separate entries.
• Your account must be made public for us to view your entry.
• All submissions must feature the “New Year’s Resolution” theme.
• All entries must be submitted by the 15th of January.
Have fun!