Your Wish is My Command!

A genie has appeared in the Moroccan Desert Oasis social spot, and he needs your help!
Join the quest for the #AvakinGenie, taking place from the 25th August to the 1st of September, and discover a wonderful range of magical artefacts along the way.
Track down all 7 missing magical items all across Avakin Life every day to win exotic prizes. Each gift will only be available for one day, so make sure you look for the magic item every day of the week.
Visit the Genie back in the Moroccan Desert Oasis once you’ve found all 7, and he’ll do his best to grant you a wish, letting you choose your final prize from a possible 3 for the first time ever!
And if you miss out on any of the event items, or want to own every final prize instead of just one, there will be a bundle at the end of the event.