Community Guidelines

Avakin Life is a creative, social community where players from all over the world come to express themselves. 

We have created these guidelines so that you know what we expect from our players and what you can expect from the team at Avakin Life. 

These guidelines support our Terms of Service and apply to all content and behaviour on Avakin Life and associated Avakin Life channels. 

  • Be Respectful 

Treat your fellow Avakins with respect. We are all here to enjoy ourselves. If in doubt, ask yourself how you would behave or act towards another person in the offline world. We do not allow: 

  • • Repetitive requests for personal information from others 
  • • Obscene language or excessive swearing. Mild swearing may be allowed, if it is not directed at another player.  
  • • Disruptive behaviour such as spamming, flooding, or trolling 
  • • Begging for gifts of in-game items or currency 
  • • Impersonating another person, including fellow Avakins and Lockwood employees 
  • Be Authentic 

We understand and encourage that escapism and roleplay is an enjoyable part of Avakin Life for many of our players. However, trust is important. We do not allow the following: 

  • • Pretending to be younger or older than you are, known as ‘age play’ 
  • • Spreading misinformation or deceiving others in a way that may cause them emotional or physical harm 
  • • Defamation, or infringing on any person or organisation’s copyright or intellectual property 
  • Be Kind 

Avakin Life is for everyone. We do not tolerate bullying or hate speech, of any kind, including: 

  • • Intimidating, aggressive, abusive, or threatening behaviour towards or about others 
  • • Abusive or discriminatory language or behaviour against an individual or group on the basis, or perception, of age, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, physical or mental condition or disability status, religion or any other criteria that would be considered hateful 
  • • Promoting or expressing support for hate groups or their actions 
  • • Sharing another person’s personal information/ doxxing 
  • Play Fair 

Your account is your responsibility. You must not: 

  • • Sell, trade, or share your account. We are not responsible for your account safety if you shared your account or login details with someone else. 
  • • Create, use, or share hacks or modified versions of Avakin Life 
  • • Create or use third party services that offer in-game items or currency, or in any way benefit from such services. We are not liable for any purchase made, or customer support received, on any third party stores. You can find links to our official channels at
  • • Create or take advantage of game exploits or bugs 
  • • Request or attempt to obtain account details from another Avakin 
  • • Request or attempt to obtain personal information from another Avakin in exchange for in-game items, currency, or offline money 
  • • Request or attempt to obtain personal information from another Avakin in order to allow someone to take money from them 
  • • Any other deceptive or fraudulent behaviour that allows for an unfair game or financial advantage 
  • Take Care 

We want Avakin Life to be a safe space where Avakins can express themselves and share their feelings or experiences. However, we also need to be mindful of how that may affect other Avakins, so we do not allow: 

  • • Any content or behaviour which promotes or glorifies self-harm or suicide, including roleplay  
  • • Describing, sharing, or directing to any content which describes methods of self-harm, suicide, eating disorders or any other physical or mental harm 
  • • Encouraging anyone else to cause themselves harm 
  • • Sexually explicit, violent, or gory content, including roleplay 
  • • Requests or offers to share nude images 
  • Follow the law 

If an activity or behaviour is forbidden or illegal in the offline world, then it is not acceptable in Avakin Life either. You must not: 

  • • Promote, glorify, or attempt to sell illegal or regulated goods such as drugs, smoking paraphernalia, or weapons 
  • • Promote, support, or glorify terrorist organisations or their actions 
  • • Endanger, exploit, or sexualise minors in any way 
  • • Threaten another person or group with physical or sexual violence 
  • • Threaten to harm another person, organisation or building in the offline world 

Age Verified players

You must be 18 years old or above to create or access Age Verified spaces.

Age Verified spaces offer a less restrictive chat filter. Strong language and more adult topics will be allowed. Romantic themes or topics and references to relationships are allowed. However, please understand the following are still not permitted:

Graphic sexually explicit role-play, promoting sexually explicit content, content that normalises or promotes sexual harassment or assault or anything illegal in the offline world.

Of course, please continue to be considerate of those around you.

How are these guidelines enforced? 

We take these guidelines seriously and we hope you will too. If you do not follow these guidelines and our Terms of Service we may take one, some or all, of the following actions against your account/s: 

  • • Removal of content, in-game items, or currency 
  • • Warning message 
  • • Temporary suspension 
  • • Permanent account ban 

These actions may apply to one or all linked accounts, and/ or future accounts created. 

In rare and extreme cases, we may also work with law enforcement, or relevant authorities. For example, if we believe a player is at risk of physical harm or there is a threat to public safety. 

If you would like to appeal an account ban, please tap ‘dispute suspension’ from the ban screen. Please note that warnings and temporary suspensions are not eligible for appeal.  

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines and for doing your part to make Avakin Life a safe and enjoyable place to be. For more information, please visit our Player Safety page.