Patch 1.5.2 “Building the Future”

Hi Avakins!
The next instalment of your Avakin adventure is expected to go live next over the next few days. This update includes new ways to gain XP as well as a few major features that we know you will adore!
It’s time to get building and customising, as we present to you…
Patch 1.5.2 “Building the Future”
XP and levelling
Level up in Avakin to earn rewards, special unlocks in the shop and prestige amongst your friends!
Earn XP to gain levels by:

  • Socialising in the scenes
  • Completing the Achievements
  • Rating apartments
  • Keeping your pets in good health
  • Taking photos with the in-game camera
  • Using the Build Machine
  • Making purchases in the shop
  • Logging in each day
  • Collecting the daily gems in your apartments

Build Machines – New
Introducing the new reward system that keeps on giving, the Build Machine!
You can collect a FREE Build Machine by visiting the build page accessed by clicking the Build button on the top bar.
Look for items with the new build icon in the shop and you can construct these over time absolutely FREE!
Custom Apartments
A modern city apartment, Greenwood Heights gives you the freedom to choose your own walls and floors! The first apartment with customisation on Avakin Life, Greenwood Heights comes bundled with 10 walls and floors that you won’t find anywhere else.
Releasing with eclectic furniture in the shop, as well as more walls and floors to buy, you’ll be able to really show your tastes; exposed brickwork or delicate floral wallpaper – the choice is yours!
Streaming Music – New
Feel the beats in the updated Starstyle Bar which now supports streaming music!
If you are concerned about your data allowances, streaming content won’t be turned on unless you say so, and you can always enable/disable it in the settings page.
Interact System
The Interact system has been given a tweak to make it less intrusive and more user-friendly.
Stability Improvements
Minor fixes have been made to improve your experience and keep Avakin running as best as it can.