Seas of Mirth are LIVE in The Venue!

Come and sail the seven seas of sound! Seas of Mirth are an eccentric party prog-folk band and they’re playing live in The Venue for a second time as part of Pirate Week. Let the quirky tunes of this swashbuckling crew wash over you with an extravagant mix of folk instrumentation, prog-rock silliness, worldly rhythms and bizarre sea-based song concepts!
Seas of Mirth have performed their weird, wonderful repertoire of sea shanties across the UK and Europe at events like Glastonbury Festival, Secret Garden Party and Edinburgh Fringe. We promise you’ve NEVER heard anything quite like them.
Listen to the sea-faring sound of Seas of Mirth in The Venue for a whole week from the 7th to the 14th of September. You won’t want to miss this fantastic nautical soundscape!
Here’s what those in the know are saying about this whimsical band:
“A completely refreshing and encouraging type of ridiculous.” — Fatea Magazine
“Not your typical sea-shanty inspired band. Their combination of gypsy and punk laced folk will go down a storm!” — Folk Radio UK
“Unique is an overused and often misappropriated word in today’s increasingly homogenized world but it applies, with bells on, to Seas Of Mirth.” — Just Another Magazine”
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