Set Sail for Adventure with Pirate Week!

Arr, set sail for seven mighty days of swashbuckling fun with our annual Pirate Week!
Grab an eyepatch an’ a tricorn hat, and prepare to earn yer sea legs. We’ve a whole week of seafarin’ activities so ye can talk, walk and swab the deck just like a real pirate! Ahoy!
Prove ye’re not a scallywag with these nautical events:
Seas of Mirth LIVE in The Venue!
The best pirate-inspired band ye’ve ever heard will be performin’ for a second time in The Venue. Don’t be a lily-livered landlubber… come an’ hear their mighty sea shanties!
Dress Like a Pirate in Fashion Contests!
Love to flaunt a buccaneering look? Enter yer shipshape style in the Fashion Contest and find plenty o’ pirate clothing in the Avakin Store!
Save yer Dubloons for Special Pirate Bundles!
We’ve many treasures for ye in our special pirate bundles. Claim yerself a wealth of pirate themed outfits, furniture, and accessories!
Sail the Seas in yer own Pirate Ship!
Plunder yer very own Pirate Ship apartment from the Avakin Store and give yer friends a shiver-me-timbers experience on the high seas!
Grab all the loot ye can this week, an’ be sure to get into the swashbuckling spirit! Yo-ho-ho!